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Location and Studio Work...

Some of Stanwycks Studio's Commercial Work...

Commercial Photography

  •  Advertising
  •  Branding
  •  Mixed Media Usages
  •  Great Studio Support

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Stanwycks Photography - Headshots, Portfolios, Models and Talent

Headshots & Model Portfolios

Headshots & Portfolios

From Gulfport to New Orleans we create Headshots, Portfolios and Comp Cards... Need Self Promotion Materials? That is what we do!

We have a studio in Mississippi's, Bay St. Louis and New Orleans. We can set up a studio at your location. Do you want that Location look that is so popular right now... We make it happen! 

Auditions and Model Agents

Do you want to get into Modeling or Acting? Stanwycks Photography can help you... We started shooting Actors and Models on Broadway in New York.  Shooting headshots and modeling Portfolios for many years in New Orleans we have had many clients over the years that keep coming back.

Is Modeling or Acting this something you have thought about but don't know where to start? We can help you for sure. Need a headshot for an Audition? Need a Portfolio for Modeling? We've got you covered! We make your images stand out from the crowd.

Vicki Stanwycks & Her Shooting Style

Vicki Stanwycks shooting style knows how to get you the looks you need to get noticed by talent and model scouts.  Commercial Headshots and Modeling Portfolios are what we do!
  • Actors, Models & Talent

  • Executives

  • Fashion

  • Headshots

  • Portfolios

  • Comp Cards

  • Model & Talent

  • Talent Cards

  • Facebook Headers

  • Modeling Coach

Corporate Photography

Vicki Stanwycks works within Many Corporate Environments, in studio or on-location. Our Photographers create images for your business and advertising needs offering coverage of the People in your organization and the products or services you offer.

Executive and Corporate services available for companies In The Mississippi Gulf Coast Areas, New Orleans and those coming to town for Meetings, Conventions and Events. All Kinds of things are going on the Coast... Even Golf Tournaments.

Meetings & Conventions...

The Studio's Photographers can set up a studio anywhere for companies or conventions, We call it our Headshots Lounge... This service is  especially good when  people are all in one location, and proves invaluable for meetings and gatherings where everyone is together for that annual meeting for example.   Call us about your event and we can tell you all your options.

Our Corporate Photography features the people and the environments you work in.  We can photograph in the board room or on the stage accepting an award. Our Images offer a classic or cutting edge Corporate Demeanor.

  • Executive Headshots - Portraits

  • The Boardroom

  • Corporate Interaction - People at Work

  • Manufacturing Environments

  • Corporate Meetings & Events - Groups

  • Interior and Exterior Locations

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • People at Work

  • Conventions

  • Green Screen

  • Headshots Lounge

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is all about you and the people who are important to you... We photograph your family, friends and events that show you at your best surrounded by those that matter...

Do you have an event coming up? Are you graduating and need a Senior Session- perhaps a little different than what everyone else is doing? We photograph our seniors using our model Photography styles... Perhaps you have something else in mind... tell us and we will do our best to make it happen...

Are you getting engaged? Do you need Save the Date Pictures? We can make it happen in the studio or on-location...

Boudoir Photos? We offer Boudoir photography either in the studio or on location or both... Boudoir photography is not just about giving a beautiful gift - it's so much more! We make you look and feel great about yourself in your photos - it's what we like to call the "Super Model Experience!"


All Kinds Of People

WE have been working with people from all walks of life from New York to New Orleans and now the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  • Family Portraits & Headshots

  • Beach Photography - Family & Couples

  • Gala Events & Weddings

  • Couples

  • Engagement

  • Graduating Seniors

  • Boudoir

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Call Us for a Free Consultation...

Places & Things...

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Commercial Photography

Vicki Stanwycks at Gulfport Photo shooting Commercial Photography, creating images in the studio or at your preferred location. We are Commercial Photographers that's primary focus is your business and advertising needs.    
  • Advertising
  • Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Interior/Exteriors
  • Aerial Photography
  • Studio & Location Services
Commercial Photography helps establish your brand for advertising - by showing who you are,  what you manufacture, where you do what you do, if that's important, and the people who make it all happen, "the movers and shakers of your company, perhaps..." and those behind the scenes.  Whatever you do or your organization, you need photograph's to show it for your websites and social media.

Advertising Photography

Our studio has all the capabilities to shoot large and small products, people and food. We have a full kitchen for food shoots. In our studio  also available is  a work area for clients with Wi-Fi capabilities.
The Studio's Photographer's can go on-location for  various kinds of shoots including products,  people, buildings, interiors, and industrial applications like large machinery and people at work.


Advertising Photography comes in many forms from product to people.
Images for Advertising requires skill to show your product in it's best light and environment  from a Location Photograph to a very styled or simple tabletop shot. Lighting can make or break a product shot and we have the experience to bring ou the best in your product.
  • Products
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hard & Soft Goods
  • People
  • Real Estate
  • Images for the Internet
  • Mixed Media Usages
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Aerial Photography

Stanwycks  shoots Aerial Photography all over the Southern region and the Gulf. We have a choice of aircraft available including Cessna's, Sea Planes,  Helicopters and small choppers.

We have been working with our favorite experienced pilots for more than 20 years and  work well together delivering great images for  our clients. We shoot buildings, Ships, Oil rigs, land development, large structures, legal, operations, Progress Photography, beauty shots, etc.


Aerial Photography is an acquired skill that requires focus, special equipment, and attention to the important details of our clients' assignments. We have been shooting Aerial Photography for more than 23 years and some of Vicki Stanwycks' Aerial Images are in the Smithsonian Institute.

We fly in different aircraft and work with several pilots that specialize in different flying styles...

  • Cessna Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Choppers
  • Sea Planes

We shoot for different types of clients including:

  • Construction and Building
  • Progress Photography
  • Site Design and Planning
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipping & Operations
  • Ships
  • Transportation
  • Legal

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography is Photography of the People, Places and things in settings that show where America works. One day our photographers are flying around the Ocean shooting a rig,  another day working at a construction site showing the nuts and bolts of how that location operates. We shoot from the ground,  the air and on the ocean for various industrial locations.


Photography is necessary for various projects of how people work and what they do, which can be at industrial type locations. We have shot in all kinds of locations that can be really pretty to really grimy, and even dangerous, always keeping safety in mind.

Our main focus it to do a great job no matter where the assignment to keep our clients happy and coming back...


  • Progress Photography
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Legal Photography
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerial Photography
  • People at Work
  • Factories and Manufacturing
  • Ships & Barges
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Industrial
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Latest Photographic Technolgies & Equipment

  • Latest Technology Camera Equipment & Lenses

  • Studio and Location Lighting

  • Experienced Photographers

  • On-Line Viewing and Purchasing

  • We Make it Very Easy for Our Clients

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Bay St Louis Phone 228.220.4833

Photography of People, Places, & Things...

Where to Find Us...

"Have Camera's Will Travel"

Get In Touch

Stanwycks Photography

We would love to hear from you!

Main Studio in New Orleans and also in Bay St. Louis

We Travel...

MS Coast: 228.220.4833

NOLA :  504.899.9394 

National:   888.526.8299


By Appointment Only

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Photography Workshops & Classes

Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes for those interested in learning more about photography coupled with a Workshop Experience if you choose to heighten how you see and shoot your images.  Our classes and workshops are ongoing for individuals and small groups. We offer a range of different workshops from the beginner to the seasoned shooter(s). From the Swamps to the classroom, in the studio to a beautiful Mercury Vapor filled Sky and sunset... We can work with you to help you bring your photography to the next level...

  • Beginners Classes and Workshops
  • Intermediate
  • Light & Shadow
  • Digital Processing
  • Creating Your Artistic Style through Photography
  • Custom Classes/Workshops
  • Travel Photography
  • Color & Black and White
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General Photography Information - Behind the Scenes

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The Shoot, Retouching & Image Enhancement

Stanwycks Studio offers a full range of processing,  Retouching and Graphic Design services. We do our best to get it right in the camera and with lighting. However things that already exist sometimes are a  part of an original photo and need retouching to remove a light pole, or electrical lines that surround a structure... Worried about a blemish? We  take care of it.

Our techs enhance photographs every day including  sky's, buildings, commercial facades, teeth whitening,  hair,  scars,   glasses, etc.  Our skilled techs can fix it,  no problem...

Design & Marketing for Companies and Individuals

You may need your images for the Web, Magazines, Ads, etc. including social media.

We can shoot what ever you need.  Are you working with an art director, an agency or a graphic design firm?

Whatever your needs we  work with you to develop a finished images that you can be proud of.... Images are shot and processed with the utmost care to detail and usage. And best of all we like to make it easy for our clients, taking the worry out of preparation, logistics, and final images.

Commercial Photography and Image Development

Whoever you are , whatever  types of images you require, we can create styled shots for  Magazines, publications, the Web...  We shoot keeping in mind the latest trends,  with an advertising spin. We have worked with many art directors and agencies knowing what is needed for either web or publications.

Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially for more than 23 years including table top  photography, people and products at the New Orleans studio, the Mississippi Studio and on- location, as assignments dictate.

Stanwycks Photography Studio and Our Team of Photography Professional's Offers the Latest Technologies & Equipment to Deliver Fine Quality Imaging Services

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Are you ready to find out how we can help you?

Please call us today and we can discuss your ideas. Our studio has been shooting Photographs for more than 23 years in the studio and on-location. We offer an advanced assortment of Photography services and make the process easy for you, even fun! - Call to see what we can photograph for you or your company....

Photography of Ships in the Ocean to Images in the Studio...

About Us

"Photographing People is Our Specialty...We work with people from all walks or life."

Corporate Photography to Lifestyle Photography including...

  • Models, Actors,  Musician's, Talent, Individuals
  • CEO's, Corporate, Politician's
  • Public Speakers, Doctors, Industrial Engineers, Pilots, Fitness, etc...

Anyone who is in the public eye will benefit from our services and the sessions we offer. We create Headshots, and build and individuals image to a corporate Identity shooting and creating different looks including standard headshots for the model, a talented professional, or a corporate CEO... edgy, black and white, color, action shots, fun, sporty, interaction, special effects, etc.

Whatever the desired look? We can shoot it. For your assignment call for an appointment. Lets chat about what you need to better determine the  direction, and the means to make it happen. Studio or Location we can make great images for what you need.

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Studio Information

Vicki Stanwycks - Commercial Photographer

Vicki Stanwycks has Been a photographer for more than 25 years and is one of the leading Photographers in New Orleans. She works with people creating images for advertising, promotional materials and lifestyle imaging... from concept to reality we make it happen at Stanwycks Studio.   Vicki Stanwycks knows how to  capture great  images that grab attention.

Internationally and nationally her work has been used in advertising all over the globe for mixed media usages.

Vicki Stanwycks started shooting commercially on Broadway in New York city  in the late 80's. From there, traveled nationally and to Europe shooting in many public arenas photographing people of Glamour,  corporate settings for Advertising, public relations,  annual reports and mixed media usages.  Now she shoots mostly in New Orleans and the Southern Region, offers workshops, life coaching and model mentoring.

Photography Services

Stanwycks Photography - Bay St Louis  Photo Services

  • Full Studio Product, Commercial Photography & Kitchen facilities for Food Photography - including Wi-fi for full Day shoots
  • Product Photography with various Lighting styles available in Studio or Location
  • People at work including Corporate  environments, Industrial locations, Construction & Progress Photography,
  • Studio to accommodate People and Product
  • Headshots and Executive Portraits - various Backgrounds and Green Screen Available
  • Studio Set Up,  on - location for Corporate Headshots
  • Mobile lighting Set Ups for studio environments & natural location settings
  • Candid Photography for all Events, Corporate Conventions & Personal Events including Groups, Parties,  Galas, Banquets, Speakers,  Tournaments, Fund Raisers, Charity, Trade Shows, Dances, etc.
  • Lifestyle Photography specializing in people
  • Modeling & Actors Headshots, Portfolios, Comp Cards, and Mixed Media for the Web
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Innovation & 1000 Words

Call us to help you get your next project in motion. Our Studio and Photography experience can bring added benefits to any project especially yours....

We strive to bring our clients the best Images that we can craft and create through cutting edge equipment, technology and skill. Photography for us is more than just our lights and cameras. What we  bring to all assignments are genuine enthusiasm,  a fresh eye and our approach...  Many photographer's are Cookie Cutter. We keep an open mind and keep things fresh which we know when making images makes our photography more creative and interesting for the viewer. After all, your images need to tell the story of 1,000 words... We like to think it says more! We love making photographs and try to keep it interesting.

The studio appreciates the work and the folks that give us the opportunity to create for them so in return we get the job done for sure - but go the extra mile or ten for our clients. The People we work with and our photography skills are what make our assignments great!

"My Photography career has taken me to some pretty amazing places... Including having some of my work in the Smithsonian Instiute."

"Photography is my Passion..." Working as a Commercial Photographer for more then 23 years all over the United States and in some really wonderful places abroad including Greece, Norway, Mexico, The Bahamas, Canada, and various places in between... has brought me and my studio many wonderful assignments. OMG...

I have met and worked with the most incredible people, photographed the simple to the most exciting - Land, Air and Sea... I'm up for it! I have photographed out of Planes, Helicopters, Sea Planes, Rigs, Ships, Tunnels, Cranes, and the list goes on.  To create great images there has to be enthusiasm and an eye to go with it. I bring that enthusiasm to every assignment, not to mention all the equipment, from lighting to lenses...ohhh.... did I say experience? Skill Lots of experience and our equipment get the job done right.

"Oh and one more thing... Some of my work is in the Smithsonian Institute for some Aerial Assignments I have photographed along the Mississippi River. Wow. When I got the call for that, that was pretty exciting, for sure!"

Photography Skills, Innovation and Expertise...


Photography of People, Places, & Things...

Where to Find Us...

"Have Camera's Will Travel"

Get In Touch

Stanwycks Photography

We would love to hear from you!

Studio Locations in New Orleans and also in Bay St. Louis

We Travel...

MS Coast: 228.220.4833

NOLA :  504.899.9394 

National:   888.526.8299


By Appointment Only

General Photography Information

Pre and Post Production

To get great images, it's more than just the shoot day, it's the pre planning that goes into each and every assignment. After the assignment's over, the images must be prepared for your usage.  Much goes into each phase of any photography shoot: Planning, Supplies, Staff, Timing, Equipment, Travel,  The actual Shoot, Downloading, and then post production and finally delivery.

Photographic Skill & Experience

Most people can take a picture it's true, especially with a Smart Phone. However to execute a good image that is more than just snap shot, it requires experience behind the camera, and an eye for what to capture and how to measure the light - in relationship to the subject. Not only is it measuring light, but it's placing the light so that someone or something looks it's best. It's our job to do that and to also make it look easy.

"It Looks Easy" Just Press the Button...

As Professional Photographers it's also our job to make it look somewhat easy. Yet... I am here to tell you we work very hard for our client's from the minute they call and hire us, to the minute the job is delivered. We need it to feel easy for our clients so that they can concentrate on the important parts of where our Photographs are going to go next after our job is finished.

From Commercial Headshots to Lifestyle Photography

Photography of People - from Headshots to Model Portfolios and Actors for their Publicity Photos, we offer several sessions. For the people who mean something to you like your family members, events and special occasions we have several options for that too. Give us a call and we promise to make you smile and look good for the camera. Our professionals coach you every step of the way if need be. Our goal is to give you wonderful images and a nice experience.

Robust Photography and We Make it easy for you!

Robust Photography speaks to the needs of your assignment requirements. Your audience is looking for great images and you never get a second chance to make a good impression in todays world of the internet and social media. You need images that speak to your brand.

Our Photographer's and studio capabilities, make it easy for you. Once we figure out what you need in your consultation, we come up with a plan. a schedule and start shooting. You will be able to use your images for all your mixed media usages...  Call us and we will come up with a plan to make you look good!

Perhaps you have seen us around town...

Perhaps you have seen us shooting around the coast. We shoot on location, offices, casinos for events, some local advertising, Executives, and some not so pretty stuff like industrial photography.  Whatever it is we can photograph your next assignment delivering the kind of quality you need for your audience.

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Photography Anywhere - Studio or On-Location

Studio & Location

As photographers we keep ourselves as busy as possible in the studio or on-location. We have a studio in the heart of New Orleans and also work in the Gulfport/Bay St. Louis areas as assignments dictate.

We work between both places effectively and being on-location is a normal part of our business. We can set up our mobile studio for the simple headshot or a more detailed lighting kit.

If you need a studio to shoot in we have on in New Orleans and Bay St. Louis.

We offer:

  • Your Location or ours
  • Assistant if applicable
  • Different Lighting Kits - Assignment Dependent
  • Make Up Artist Available
  • Food Stylists available for Food Assignments
  • Staging Decorators Available


Bay St. Louis Photo/Stanwycks Photography, offers several pricing alternatives depending on what your assignments requires. We can work within most reasonable budgets from the lower scale Mini Session session to a full day rate. Photographing Individuals is kind of standard pricing, and half and full day rates depends on the assignment at hand; Product Shots, to Aerial Images out in the Gulf. Some assignments require support staff, like a Stylist of sorts (Hair & Make Up or A Food Stylist) or various aircraft. Either way we have you covered and try to be as cost effective as possible.

We offer varied pricing structures for different assignments, based on time, or by the session. Depending on what you need,  we can figure out a cost effective plan of action for you.

We offer:

  • Sessions
  • Packages
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Event Rates
  • Convention Rates
  • Discounted Rates - Depending
  • Major Credit Cards

Photography of People, Places, & Things...

Where to Find Our Services...

"On The Gulf Coast; Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis... OR,  our New Orleans Studio on Tchoupitoulas Street, we have your assignment covered. We go on-location most of the time and can set up a studio anywhere if that's what the assignment requires. We do everything by appointment only so give us a call so we can schedule your assignment or a consultation. Thank you..."  - Vicki Stanwycks

Call us today at

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