Industrial Photography

Stanwycks Photography creates images for various industries that are the nuts and bolts of America, like the oil & gas industry, marine and transportation, construction, ship building & manufacturing, chemical engineering plants, ships, etc. Industrial photography isn't always beautiful, but we would like to think so.

Aerial Photography for Bay St. Louis, Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast... We love flying and making pictures from the sky!

Industiral Photography - Photography of the Industries that make America Great!

Stanwycks Photography shoots Industrial Photography

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in the factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, Oil and Gas plants, barges, Bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants... We have seen and photographed how America Works and it's pretty amazing."

Industrial Photography Information

Photography for Industry, People at work and how they do it...

We Shoot Photography for industry. Industrial Images shot on location including manufacturing enterprises, operations, People at work, mechanical and transportation venues, rigs, industrial plants, factories, ships, warehouses, construction, welding, barges, machinery, etc.

We travel on land, air and sea.

New Orleans and the surrounding areas including the Gulf South Coastal areas are rich with industrial resources. Many rigs in the surrounding areas of Louisiana and Mississippi drill for Oil & Gas. The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest in the United States, many ships transporting cargo and providing transportation services for the rest of the country.

Many chemical, grain and manufacturing plants lie on the banks of the Mississippi. Photography in these areas are what we do, and do it well. We also have support staff for rigging and transportation to get us where clients need us to be shooting an assignment...  we get the images! Our Photographs tell stories for sub-contractors, engineers and individuals, showing the nuts and bolts of what they do.  Our images make it look it look great, showing what various industries do, who they are and where it's all done.

"The mundane suddenly feels exciting!"

Industrial Photography...

Industrial Photography

America's many Industries are far reaching and important to how we as a country function. We take so much for granted.

Advertising and Documentation through Photography of structures, people at work and the many services that various Industries provide, including building, manufacturing, machining, technology, shipping, transportation, welding, oceanic - marine and oil, construction, etc. are important to sell what we build and what we do.

These industries are all important to the companies that provide services and need images that show what they do. Stanwycks Photography Shoots it.

America and the people who work it every day are amazing...

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... "


We have been in factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, oil and gas plants, barges, bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants... We have seen and photographed people at work, where we work, and how we work - how America Works and it's pretty amazing."

"This year our Images will be in the Smithsonian Institute and Our United States Congress highlighting Industry in the United States and Transportation including Ships and Transportation. Pretty Awesome for sure!"

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"We have our cameras and equipment ready, even our own Hard Hats"

Location Photography that shows America at Work!

Location Photography

Bridges, Ships, Factories, the machines that drive them... Our studio photographs them for web sites, advertising, annual reports, mixed media purposes and social media sites.

Industrial Photography

Stanwycks Photography specializes in making images for Industry

Full and Half Day Rates

  • Locations Outside of New Orleans + time and Expenses
  • Travel Time and Session if  more than 2 hours, 1/2 day rate applies
  • Half and Full Day Rates - Price determined on assignment
  • Images on Drop Box, remastering included
  • Digital Processing is required for all digital images
  • Retouching available

Mixed Media choices available, Printed materials, brochures and Graphic Design, retouching and digital darkroom Photoshop services available

Corporate Studio Info

Stanwycks Photography has been established for many years, working with corporate environments showing people at work in Pictures. Vicki Stanwycks, an experienced professional photographer knows how to make people look good. 

Executives need to engender looks of power and professionalism.   Photography for the executive is not simply a portrait but a look that is used commercially and will sell their services. Shooting people for media usages entail a commercial shooting style geared towards advertising, which is why so many choose, Stanwycks Photography to shoot their headshots.

Industrial Photography Pricing Structures

Full & Half Day Rates

Full or Half Days Shooting
  • Price will dependent on assignment, locations, and final images
  • Half Day Rates
  • Full Day Rates
  • Retouching Available

Clients can come to the studio for image selections or we can post the images on-line for viewing, consultation and final selections.

We are contracted often from clients out of town who can't come into the studio so we make the photography experience as easy as possible - from the time of the initial consultation, the shoot day, and last when the final images are delivered.

Our clients are with us for years because we make it easy for our clients in every way we can. We are committed to making great Photographs and providing great service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Photograph a Lot of Ships...

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New Orleans Photo - Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years in New Orleans, Louisiana and all over the Gulf Coast and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images. Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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