Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography, Tug boat in the Mississippi
Aerial Photography of Ship

Aerial Photography

We create images for the Oil & Gas Industry, Marine and Transportation, land developers, legal teams, the government, real estate, construction, the shipping industry, ships, surveillance and progress reporting. Please call today to discuss your Aerial project so we can get started right away.
Aerial Photography for Missisippi and Louisiana... We love flying and creating pictures from the sky!

Stanwycks Photography Provides Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Photography, all over the Southern Region

Stanwycks Studio's Aerial Images are created with experienced photographers and pilots using various air craft, including Helicopters, Choppers, Sea Planes, Cessna's for example...
Several of Vicki Stanwycks Aerial images are on exhibition in the Smithsonian Institute. The Photographs are of Ships Along the Mississippi River, Showing Import and Export in the United States... "

Aerial Photography Information

Aerial Photography for Commercial and Industrial Purposes

Stanwycks Photography has been shooting Aerial Photography since 1992. Vicki Stanwycks has experience with various aircraft including Cessna's, Helicopters, Choppers and Sea Planes.

Vicki has developed resources and relationships with several pilots and aviation companies that will fly the studio's photographer's to desired destination(s) to shoot the for the project and the aerial images you need.

Aerial Images for Web sites, Brochures, Prints, and art...

Aerial Photography

For your Website, Brochures or Print Advertising

Book your Assignment today!
  • Real Estate
  • New Orleans Port
  • Cargo
  • Ship Photography
  • Construction
  • Land Development
  • Progress Photography
  • Operations
  • Legal

Are you building a Water Treatment Plant? We had to shoot progress images of the construction site for one year.

Do you have a 60,000 Square foot building that you would like beauty shots of? This Client wanted large canvas prints of their building for their many offices in the United States... for e.g.


We fly anywhere in the Gulf, the Mississippi River, and Southern regions.

We create images for the Oil & Gas Industry, Marine and Transportation, land developers, legal teams, government, real estate, construction, the shipping industry, ships and yachts, surveillance and progress reporting for construction companies.

Please call today to discuss your Aerial project so we can get started right away.

Shooting Aerial Photography, Aircraft & Subject Matter

  • Stanwycks has experience with various aircraft including Cessna's,
  • Helicopters,
  • Choppers
  • Sea Planes

Who we create images for:

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Marine and Transportation
  • Land developers
  • Legal teams
  • The government
  • The shipping industry,
  • Ships Owners and Companies - Operations
  • Beauty Shots
  • Surveillance
  • Progress reporting for Builders

Please call today to discuss your Aerial project so we can get started right away.

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A view from above is very different...

The Mississippi River Bridge, shot from a Cessna

Aerial Photography Assignments

Aerial Images shot by Aerial Photography Professionals with over 23 years of experience

  • Hourly, Half Day and Full Day Rates
  • Cessna's, Sea Planes, Choppers and Helicopter's Available
  • Experienced Photographers, and Pilots, over 20 years
  • Photography for Land and Building Developers
  • Rigs, Ships, Vessels, Fleets, Operations
  • Progress Photography and Development
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Personal reasons such as art, a photo of your home from above, A Beauty Shot of your Ship

Corporate Studio Info

Stanwycks Photography has been established for several years in the uptown area of New Orleans. The studio works strongly for the corporate environment and a community of movers and shakers. Vicki Stanwycks, an experienced professional photographer knows how to make people and places, look good.   Shooting Aerial for media usages entail a commercial shooting style geared towards advertising, which is why so many choose, Stanwycks Photography to shoot their Aerial Images.

Aerial Photography Info

Aerial Photographer

$250. to Start 1 Hour Minimum - A-la- Carte Rates
  • Photographer & Pilot to fly and Target Location
  • We shoot appx. 30 to 70 images per hour - depending on the subject
  • Please Inquire About our different Image Options and Packages

Full & Half Day Rates

Full or Half Days Assignment Dependent
  • Price will depend on aircraft, where we go, the final images needed
  • Half Day Rates
  • Full Day Rates

Aircraft Available

Different Aircraft Avaialble
  • Cessna, Chopper or Sea Plane, Same Price Range Appx.
  • Aircraft pricing depending on flight time
  • Includes Pilot, Fuel, and Aircraft
  • Weather Dependent

With every flight we view your images right away.  We can also upload your images onto our Viwing Web Site for client selections.

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What Other Are Saying

"We did Aerial Photography of our Water Treatment Plant Construction site with Stanwycks. We needed them for a 10 foot display at a trade show. We shot that morning and she had our images that afternoon. The trades show booth looked fantastic and we have used the studio for some other applications as well. Great Work, Great Pricing!" - John Cummings

"We had to get shots of our ships lined up on the Mississippi River using New Orleans as a backdrop. We needed a Helicopter and  a photographer because this was a one time deal to have all of our boats in one place like this. Vicki made it happen. She got the Helicopter that morning and we went up that afternoon. We had to radio all the boat's pilots as the shoot went on,  to get the boats into formation from the Helicopter - talk about intense!!!  And Vicki got it done. We got great Photos from different altitude's and different Boat Formations. A day I will never forget and we have images that tell the story of who we are. Thank you, Vicki!  - David Walthrop

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 228.220.4833 or email

If you need Aerial Photography, you have called the right place. We have been shooting Aerial for more than 23 years. We would love to make pictures for you!

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The Studio

For work inquiries:

Phone Mississippi Studio
t: 228.220.4833 Gulf Coast Studio

Phone New Orleans Studio
t: 504.899.9394 New Orleans Studio

Phone National
t: 888.526.8299

About Us

Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Bay St. Louis to Ocean Springs, New Orleans and Nationally. Call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our Web Site and let us help you! Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Studio:504.899.9394 Mississippi Studio: 1-228-220-4833 Studio Address: 1506 Nicholson Ave. Waveland, MS. 39576
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