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Education for Vicki Stanwycks included and study for over 10 years; Germain School of Photography; Parsons School of Design, International Center of Photography; California Research Center; Rochester Institute of Technology; The Long Beach Life Coaching Institute; Workshops all over the Country... Assistants in the Early Years for Macy's and American Express, Double Day Books, Head Photographer in Several Commercial Photography Studios in in NYC which gave great Commercial Experience...


Worked at several Commercial Photography Studios including Macy's & American Express in NYC; Headshot Photography Studio on Broadway for Actors, Talent, Models and Executives; Cruiseship Photographer for 2 years+ Bahamas and New Orleans, Event Photographer for the Huntington Town House New York - No event was smaller than 250 people and shot 5 events a weekend ranging from Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Trade Shows, and Misc. Events, Commercial Photographer with Joe Bergeron New Orleans Photographing commercial Work and specializing in Liquor, Aerial and Location work. in 1995 opened Stanwycks Photography Studios in Metro New Orleans and have been shooting Commercial Work, Headshots, Executives, Models & Actors, Aerial Work, Industrial Work, Convention Photography, Mardi Gras Photography, Setting Up Studios, Printing on-location and the Headshot Lounge. Stanwycks owns a Satellite Studio in Bay St. Louis Ms. as well, and travels all over the Unite States on assignment. Her work has been featured in several galleries and hangs privately and in lobbies, Office buildings and board rooms... Vicki also holds Photography Classes and workshops to teach photography and all around New Orleans and in the United States. One of her most valued teaching Assignments was to teach the Local New Orleans/Gretna Police Dept. Photography.


"I had no Idea how we would get all the images we needed. A colleague told me about Vicki and I gave her a call. We had everything we needed by the end of the week. My boss was ecstatic! "

— Susan Mateo

"The Images Stanwycks Photography shot, looked great on our Website so we decided to put the shots in our Lobbies, the boardroom and the plant. It's a great way to reinforce the beauty of what we do. And what we do is not so pretty! "

— John Boudreaux

"Every year we have the same events. Every Year, for every event, Vicki Stanwycks shows up and does a great job. Our guests love her and she gets pictures of people looking good and makes them smile... We don't have to worry about a thing."

— George Willows

About Stanwycks Photography & Our Work


Our Work...

Commercial Photography

» Advertising

» Branding

» Mixed Media Usages

» Great Studio Support

Latest Photographic Technolgies & Equipment

» Latest Technology Camera Equipment & Lenses

» Studio and Location Lighting

» Experienced Photographers

» On-Line Viewing and Purchasing

» We Make it Very Easy for Our Clients

Location Photography - Location and Studio Work...

This is a small sampling of some of Stanwycks Location work...


Check Out Our Studio Magazine...

Take a look at our Studio Magazine to get a quick look at our Portfolio...

Photography of People, Places, & Things...


"Stanwycks Photography and Photography Professional's Offers the Latest Technologies to Deliver Fine Quality Photographs & Services"

Headshots & Model Portfolios

Headshots & Portfolios

From New Orleans to the Mississippi Gulf Coast we shoot Headshots, Portfolios and Comp Cards... Self Promotion Materials... We have our main studio in New Orleans on Tchoupitoulas Street, and a Satellite Studio  in Bay St. Louis, Ms. We can also set up a studio at your location.

  • Events
  • Models
  • Portfolios & Comp Cards
  • Actors Headshots
  • Talent
  • Executives

Corporate Photography

Studio or on-location, Our Photographers create images for your business and advertising needs, offering coverage of  people in your organization and the products or services you offer and wish to market and brand.

"People that work in your organization are your strongest asset and should be marketed accordingly, user friendly or bold, our images can create that statement."

  • Executive Headshots & Portraits
  • Corporate Meetings and Events
  • People at Work
  • Corporate or Manufacturing Environments
  • Conventions
  • Green Screen

Lifestyle Photography

Photography of your family and friends are your history. The photographs we treasure of the people we hold dear and near. Portraits and the Events of our lives, are  all about you and the people who are important to you... Stanwycks Photography, photographs your family, friends and events that show you and your people at your best surrounded by those that matter...

  • Family Portraits & Headshots
  • Beach Photography - Family & Couples
  • Gala Events & Weddings
  • Couples
  • Engagement
  • Graduating Seniors
  • Boudoir

Places & Things...

Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Sky line from the river, as photographed from a Helicopter

Commercial Photography

Vicki Stanwycks at Gulfport Photo shooting Commercial Photography, creating images in the studio or at your preferred location. We are Commercial Photographers that's primary focus is your business and advertising needs.    

  • Advertising
  • Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Interior/Exteriors
  • Aerial Photography
  • Studio & Location Services

Commercial Photography helps establish your brand for advertising - by showing who you are,  what you manufacture, where you do what you do, if that's important, and the people who make it all happen, "the movers and shakers of your company, perhaps..." and those behind the scenes.  Whatever you do or your organization, you need photograph's to show it for your websites and social media.


Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography, creating images on-location focused on job sites, people at work and machinery. Industrial Photography shows the nuts and bolts of industry and the who, what, and where clients industries are created.    

  • Industrial
  • Contractors & Builders
  • Aerial Photography
  • Manufacturing
  • People at Work
  • Progress Photography
  • Ships
  • Legal
  • Oil & Gas Industry

    Aerial Photography

    Our studio shoots Aerial Photography. We use several different types of aircraft depending on what the assignment calls for.    

    • Cessna's
    • Helicopters
    • Choppers
    • Sea Planes

    We shoot for different types of clients including:

    • Constuction and Building
    • Progress Photography
    • Site Design and Planning
    • Oil & Gas
    • Shipping & Operations
    • Ships
    • Transportation
    • Legal

    Photography Workshops & Classes

    Photography Classes & Workshops

    Stanwycks Photography offers Beginners Photography Classes, and various other kinds of classes for those wanting a better understanding of photography.  Everything is Private - you and the teacher, Vicki Stanwycks. Our workshops are awesome and get you shooting all around New Orleans, the French Quarter and even the Bayou. New Orleans is a Great place to shoot pictures, let us help you and show you the camera and New Orleans!

    Camera Cropped
    Photography Workshops & Classes

    Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes for those interested in learning more about photography coupled with a Workshop Experience if you choose to heighten how you see and shoot your images.  Our classes and workshops are ongoing for individuals and small groups. We offer a range of different workshops from the beginner to the seasoned shooter(s). From the Swamps to the classroom, in the studio to a beautiful Mercury Vapor filled Sky and sunset... We can work with you to help you bring your photography to the next level...

    • Beginners Classes and Workshops
    • Intermediate
    • Light & Shadow
    • Digital Processing
    • Creating Your Artistic Style through Photography
    • Custom Classes/Workshops
    • Travel Photography
    • Color & Black and White


    General Photography Information - Behind the Scenes

    Pre and Post Production

    To get great images, it's more than just the shoot day, it's the pre planning that goes into each and every assignment. After the assignment's over, the images must be prepared for your usage.  Much goes into each phase of any photography shoot: Planning, Supplies, Staff, Timing, Equipment, Travel,  The actual Shoot, Downloading, and then post production, then finally client delivery.

    Photography and added Digital Skill & Experience

    Most people can take a picture - it's true, especially with a Smart Phone. However to execute a fine quality image, more than just snap shot, it requires experience behind the camera, and an eye for what to capture, how to measure the light - in relationship to the subject. Not only is it measuring light, but it's placing the light so that someone or something looks it's best highlighting texture and design. It's our job to do that and to also make it look easy to on-lookers...

    "It Looks Easy" Just Press the Button...

    As Professional Photographers it's our job to make an assignment look somewhat, easy. Yet... I am here to tell you we work very hard for our client's from the minute they call, to the minute the job is delivered. We need to make our part easy so that the client can concentrate on the next important part, where the Photographs are going, after our job is finished.

    From Commercial Headshots to Lifestyle Photography

    Photography of People - Headshots of Executives, Models & Talent, Model Portfolios, Publicity Photos, we offer different sessions to meet your needs. Lifestyle Photography of family members, portraits and events, special occasions, we have you covered their too.  We promise to make you look good for the camera. Our professionals coach you every step of the way. The goal is to give you wonderful images and a pleasant session experience.

    Assignment Pricing

    Stanwycks Photography, offers several pricing alternatives depending on what an assignments requires. We can work within most reasonable budgets, including Mini Sessions to a full day rate and half day rates. The assignment type dictate's pricing. Some assignments require support staff, like a Stylist of sorts (Hair & Make Up or A Food Stylist) or various aircraft. Either way we have you covered and try to be as cost effective as possible.

    Perhaps you have seen us around town...

    Perhaps you have seen us shooting around town. We shoot on location, corporate offices, conventions for events and our, "Headshot Lounge..."   local advertising products & tabletop, Executives, and even gritty stuff like industrial photography.  Land, Sea or Air... We have been all over New Orleans on Assignment. We also offer our Photography Workshops and Coaching in the studio & on-location.

    See how we can help you?

    Please call us today and we can discuss your ideas. Our studio has been shooting Photographs for more than 23 years in the studio and on-location. We offer an advanced assortment of Photography services and make the process easy for you, even fun! - Call to see what we can photograph for you or your company....

    Shooting Photos of Ships in the Ocean, to Images in the Studio...

    "Did I Happen to Mention I love Shooting Ships?" --V. Stanwycks

    About Us

    "Photographing People is Our Specialty...We work with people from all walks or life."

    • Models, Actors,  Musician's, Talent, Individuals
    • CEO's, Corporate, Politician's
    • Public Speakers, Doctors, Industrial Engineers, Pilots, Fitness, etc...
    Anyone who is in the public eye will benefit from our services and the sessions we offer.
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    Studio Information

    Vicki Stanwycks - Commercial Photographer

    Vicki Stanwycks has Been a photographer for more than 25 years and is one of the leading Photographers in New Orleans. She works with people creating images for advertising, promotional materials and lifestyle imaging... from concept to reality we make it happen at Stanwycks Studio.   Vicki Stanwycks knows how to  capture attention grabbing images.

    Internationally and nationally her work has been used in advertising all over the globe for mixed media usages.

    Vicki Stanwycks started shooting commercially on Broadway in New York City  in the late 80's. From there, traveled nationally and to Europe shooting in many public arenas photographing people of Glamour,  Corporate settings for Advertising, Public relations,  Annual reports and for mixed media.  Now she shoots mostly in New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She offers classes and workshops, life coaching and model Photography.

    "I have such a passion for life. I try to put that passion in the images I create for myself and the people I work with. I love teaching and meeting the people I get to work with. Giving workshops and showing New Orleans through my eyes and seeing others passion for creating images around town is so awesome! I love what I get to do!"

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    Photography Services

    Stanwycks Photography Services

    Give us a call, Let's discuss the details and make great Photos!
    • Full Studio Product, Commercial Photography & Kitchen facilities for Food Photography - including Wi-Fi / full Day shoots
    • Product Photography with various Lighting styles, Studio or Location
    • People at work including Corporate  environments, Industrial locations, Construction & Progress Photography
    • Studio to accommodate People and Product
    • Headshots and Executive Portraits - various Backgrounds
    • Studio Set Up,  On - location for Corporate Headshots
    • Mobile lighting Set Ups for studio environments & natural location settings
    • Candid Photography for Events, Corporate Conventions & Personal Events including Groups, Parties,  Galas, Banquets, Speakers,  Tournaments, Fund Raisers, Charity, Trade Shows, Dances, etc.
    • Lifestyle Photography specializing in people
    • Modeling & Actors Headshots, Portfolios, Comp Cards, and Mixed Media for the Web
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    Photography Skills, Innovation and Expertise...


    Photography of People, Places, & Things...

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    "Our New Orleans Studio on Tchoupitoulas Street, On The Gulf Coast; Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis...  In the studio, on-location, we can set up a studio anywhere if that's what the assignment requires. We do everything by appointment only, so give us a call, let's discuss the details, and make great Pictures! Thank you..."  - Vicki Stanwycks

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