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Corporate Executive Headshots and Portraits

Executive Heashots & Portraits

A Team That Helps You Succeed

A Photography Team that helps you succeed with your Imaging Goals. Studio and Location Photography - we create great imaging solutions and great customer service to all our clients. 23 years of experience has taken us to some really creative and wonderful assignments... there are only solutions in what we do and we strive to be innovators in our field!

The Corporate Market Place

Stanwycks Photography specializes in Corporate Photography for over 23 years. The Corporate arena is varied between Entrepreneur's to CEO's of large companies that travel all over the USA and globally. Corporate can be anything and anywhere - wherever business is made. The Corporate look needs to be innovative, Fresh and Edgy... Unless you are going for amore Traditional look... Whatever you are going for we have it covered for sure. Our Photographer's will make you look great!

About Us

Have Camera's will Travel. With over 23 years of Photography Experience we can shoot anywhere, in the studio or On-Location. Please read our pages to see our images and our tservices so you can see how we can benefit you!

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Our Staff

Our Photographers can handle all assignments - large and small and have the innovative talent and photography know how to create great images. Our team is reliable, dependable and even entertaining. WE make it easy and happy for our client's.

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Our Services

IN the Studio or on location we offer many services. We have different lighting kits and camera's to accommodate your assignment wherever and whatever it is. We even have different aircraft available for aerial assignments and stylists to add a great flare to your images especially Food Photography.

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Get In Touch

We work mostly in New Orleans as it keeps us very busy. Between the Port, Conventions, and our commercial work we are everywhere with Camera in hand. Please call us today at 504.899.9394 and we can help you with whatever you may need. Thank you!!!

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Executive Heashots & Portraits Mini Gallery

Corporate Photography, Executive Headshots, for Web Sites, Social Media, & Mixed Media.

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography and Corporate Photography Services

Corporate Photography, Executives, CEO's, Your Corporate Environment's and where you work and who you work with, our specialty!

Corporate & Executive Headshot and Portrait Photography Info

An Executive or Corporate Headshot covers all walks of Life,The Corporate Executive to the Owner of Planes...

Executive Headshots & Portraits

CORPORATE EXECUTIVE HEADSHOTS... for New Orleans and Louisiana, including the Mississippi Gulf Coast. do you need you need Corporate images for your Website, Promotional Materials and Social Media?  We specialize in Corporate Photography. The main focus in Corporate are the people who are a part of your team and the environments you create.

In today's corporate market place consumers are shopping for the perfect fit. That fit is built on how you market your brand, who you are as a team and individually. Social media has changed how we do much of what we do! The internet is how your audience shops. Your image and how you are seen on the internet impacts your audience greatly.

Great images can make or break that experience quickly. Getting your images made by a studio that has been shooting corporate for over 23 years can be beneficial for you and the success of your brand.

The Corporate Executive in the Studio or in the Field

New Orleans Photo specializes in creating headshots. We photograph executives and professionals for business and offer full service Studio including the best in lighting, cameras, skilled photographers, who know how to make you look good - simple as that! Over 23 years of experience brings your best looks in front of the camera in studio or on-location.

We shoot commercially for advertising for several years and  created corporate photography for today's executive. The studio works with advertising agencies, art directors, graphic designers and corporate direct.   Stanwycks has been published, all over the country  print ads, mixed media, internet marketing, social media and networking. Call today for your appointment.

Headshots for CEO's, Executives, Politicians, Entrepreneurs

Business People from all walks of life need Images for Web Sites, Social Media, Corporate Promotion, Small Business, Big Business to show and tell who they are and what they do...

Business People from all walks of life need Images for Web Sites, Social Media, Corporate Promotion, Small Business, Big Business to show and tell who they are and what they do...

What do you do now? What do you want to do? Do you need better images? Have you thought about how your images could advance the look of your brand?

We can help you for sure. Please call for a consultation or make an appointment. These questions are important to any business. In our studio we ask ourselves this all the time. We are always updating our own images and show our studio better.  

Corporate Photography

Executive and Corporate services are available for companies In The New Orleans and Louisiana areas, also including the Ms. Gulf Coast.  Those coming to town for Meetings, Conventions and Events we have you covered and can offer different packages to fit different needs and budgets. All Kinds of things are going on in New Orleans... Conventions, Meetings, Awards Ceremonies, Even Golf Tournaments.

Location Studio

The Studio's Photographers can set up a studio anywhere for companies or conventions. This service is  especially good when  people are all in one location, and proves invaluable for meetings and gatherings where everyone is together for that annual meeting for example.

Companies hire us to shoot employees on-location,  as well as conventions for  Executives and Employee's attending trade shows.  We photograph meetings, groups, banquets, dinners, speakers, award presentations, parties and activities for organizations, etc. Call us about your event and we can tell you all your options.

General Information

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Stanwycks Photography creates Images for Executives

Executive Basic Session

$129. Session
  • Studio Mini Session
  • One Look - Corporate Headshot
  • Studio Session of up to 18 Images
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session in studio
  • One Remastered Image for Mixed Media Usages
  • All Images Avaialble Please Inquire
  • Images sent via Dropbox

Executive Headshots

$159. to $289. Various Executive Sessions
  • One or Two Looks/ Outfits Dressy and Business Casual or whatever you choose
  • Studio Session of up to 40 images photographed per look (sometimes more)
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session soyou can pick same day
  • Photographers Consultaion about what looks work best for you
  • One Retouched Image Per Look - One Block of Retocouching
  • Various Styles of retouching Availabvle depending on what you would like
  • All Images Available, Please Inquire

Location Business Session

Starting at $250. Session
  • We go to your Location for one individual up to as many individuals you need us to photograph
  • Price will depend on how many individuals we photograph, lighting package and remastering vs retouching
  • If your Office needs various people photographed we offer a discount after 5 people
  • We shoot from 10 to 30 shots of each individual depending on what your company needs
  • Retouching or Remastering depending on what you request
  • Up Load of images onto the Internet for Image Selection
  • Discounts applied after 5 subjects

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the Web Site for client selections.

As an Executive you are in the public eye either working with and for people in all sectors. Your executive images are in many ways the first time your client will have their first contact with you. Within the first 3 seconds they will judge you in several ways; if you are strong, strong enough, user friendly, experienced, old or young enough, etc... And some will even decide if they like you based on your photograph.


We try to keep everything we shoot new and fresh! No cookie Cutting images with our Studio!


With over 23 years of Experience in Commercial Photography you can trust your image making to professionals that love Photography are passionate about making images.


Stanwycks Photography offers Image Quality, Great Service, Innovative Ideas and Outstanding Photography!

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394 or email neworleansphoto@aol.com

We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!


Some Commercial Images

For work inquiries:

Phone New Orleans Studio
t: 504.899.9394 New Orleans Studio

Phone Mississippi Studio
t: 228.220.4833 Gulf Coast Studio

Phone National
t: 888.526.8299


About Us

New Orleans Photo - Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years in New Orleans, Louisiana and all over the Gulf Coast and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images. Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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We have been helping Corporate Teams, Human Resources and Individuals for years. Call us today to book your appointment and ask about our services.  "Thank you for choosing us...  -Vicki Stanwycks"

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